How do I get My Wines evaluated?

Send [email protected] the list of wines preferably in excel format for faster evaluation, along with details of how and where they were purchased, and how they are currently being stored.

How do I Trust the Evaluation?

We will advise the step-by-step approach when you send your wine list in for evaluation.

Do I have to Sell Once You Evaluate My Wines?

You have no obligation to sell.

How Fast do my Wines get sold?

Sales currently run monthly for the first week of each month. If you have a large parcel of wines we may set up a separate focussed offer of your wines.

How Fast do I get Paid?

All transactions are done by Paypal so funds will move fast. We expect to be remitting funds within 30 days after the closure of the sale.

Can I adjust My Asking Price?

Once you have committed to a sell price for the sale, that is the listing price. You do however have the right to reduce your asking price up until the end of the sale once you are able to see the bids for your wine. This mechanism allows you to evaluate the sharpest possible price for your wine.

What Do I Do Next?

Once you have viewed the evaluation and decide to proceed, we will send you a Sales Agreement for completion. We will collect your wines and bring them into storage with us for imaging and processing ahead of the sale.